Well, it has been three months since our last newsletter (doesn’t time fly!) and what a busy three months at that, buildings are being completed all over the yard and factories are full!

We really appreciate the work that all our employees are putting in so this is a big thank you to them.

We have put a new canteen in factory 3, it looks great and is hopefully a nicer environment for everyone to spend their breaks in. We also have further improvements to do in other welfare areas so watch this space.

Our new health and safety, environmental and quality/general information notice boards are up, please keep an eye on these. Information on there is to help us all and will occasionally be for fun events so they are definitely worth a look if you walk past one.

We are all feeling very positive as our order book looks fantastic and we have some large projects to drop into them for next year, so a huge thank you to our clients as well.

Current projects we are working on include a 538m2 five classroom block facility with a value of £890,000 and an 801m2, double storey education facility that has a value of around £1.6million.

Our steel building team are currently working on ten 32’ x 10’ eco units, which are top quality!

In other great news we were awarded a supplier position on the Crown Commercial Services Framework on Lot 1, which is for the purchase of education buildings. We are really looking forward to working with new clients through this in the future!

We would like to welcome Rodney Wood who is a new starter with us and congratulate Will Wright for becoming Factory 1 supervisor.


Trevor Jennison and Natalie Horner are our new mental health first aiders.

We will be introducing policies and procedures and hopefully ambassadors, as some employees have already expressed interest in helping provide support to fellow colleagues who may be suffering in some way. Watch out for further information.

Watch out for a new case study being added to the website for Redmoor Academy this week.

Thank you everyone who has helped our work experience placements, Lewis, Ryan and Tom. The company, College and the guys themselves really appreciate and understand the time it takes to guide and look after people who haven’t worked in this environment before. We are looking forward to seeing who joins us as apprentices permanently in July.


Finally here are some fun photos of some of the sports events we have had on since the last newsletter!



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