Wow, what a start to the year we are having with all the blue skies and sunshine, although a few degrees warmer might make it even better!

We have had the same positive, sunny start to the year business wise with project orders coming in thick and fast. Production is programmed until June and we still have plenty of enquires and negotiations ongoing to fill up the rest of the year. If you are a client and you have an enquiry please send it to us at and I am sure we can still fit you in!

We have some exciting builds in the pipeline such as an £800,000 1FE school extension to a primary school in Northampton and a £300,000 modular office and training facility.

Alongside our busy workload we have plans to extend our office space and have been adding lots of health and safety improvements to our factories.

With that in mind we would like to say thank you to our employees for taking all the new rules on board and working with us to improve the site.

On top of our safety committee we now also have a works committee. This group will meet regularly to discuss changes that will hopefully make improvements to the well being of our employees or the quality of the product and service our clients receive.

We are excited about the next quarter of this year, we hope you are too!

We would like to welcome to the company Jack Towle our new trainee machinist and Dave Doorbar our new joiner in factory 4! Welcome guys!


We have added Battling Brook and Sketchley Hill to our case studies on the website so please have a look at these recently finished projects.


We have just taken delivery of our new Ideal Man or Woman or person?!

The new sign is for use in schools in order to be more informative about the work we are completing.

The white panels are held on by velcro and are whiteboard so we can write on them. If we are completing a larger project we can have new panels made with information such as the programme printed on them.

Hopefully we can also have naming competitions at the schools he/she/it is at and give prizes for the best name!


Finally, we would like to thank our apprentices for the amount of publicity they allowed us to conduct throughout apprenticeship week, we currently have two more positions available – check out our careers page for more information.

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